Da Nang, Vietnam

May 26, 2018

Da Nang, this small city of Vietnam, is located at the midpoint of the country, right on the ocean. Tour books don’t highlight this city as a worthwhile place to visit so I was planning on skipping right over it while in Vietnam. During our time in Hoi An, we visited Da Nang more than once, and we quickly learned that Da Nang is unexpectedly awesome.

We got our first taste of this town when our flight from Ho Chi Minh City landed here. Da Nang, Vietnam is an up and coming metropolitan city, with skyscrapers, modern bridges, mountain scenery, and some of the best beaches we have seen yet. For four days we stayed in the very touristy and totally awesome Hoi An but decided to devote some of our time to visit Da Nang.

For an afternoon, we hired a driver to give us a tour of Da Nang. Little did I know that Da Nang, Vietnam is home to China Beach, the site of R&R for American troops during the Vietnam War. I also had no idea that Vietnam is home to so many gorgeous beaches. It’s kind of silly, actually, since Vietnam has a tremendous amount of coastline.

The beaches are wide, sheltered by palm trees, and almost deserted at this time of year. Temperatures in February make it up to 80 degrees during the day, decent beach weather. So where are all of the people?

The Dragon Bridge

The next big Da Nang surprise? The Dragon Bridge. How cool is it that there is a bridge here constructed to look like a dragon? The bridge is constantly changing colors, from yellow to blue to green to turquoise. What makes it even more special is the fact that the dragon breathes actual fire at 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday nights. Too bad we were here on a Monday.

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