Hoi An, Vietnam

May 26, 2018

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located just a half hour drive south of Da Nang. To get to Hoi An, we flew Vietnam Airlines from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang and then had a driver from our hotel transport us to Hoi An.

During the month of February the weather is perfect. The mornings would start out overcast and cool, but by noon it was bright and sunny with temperatures in the mid 70’s. It was wonderful to get a break from those 90° plus days we’ve been having for the past few months.

From our hotel, the homestay, we would borrow free bicycles and ten minutes later would be parked in the heart of Hoi An. Tyler and Kara loved cycling through the streets, dodging cars and motorbikes and pedestrians. The streets in Vietnam can get chaotic, making it so much fun for our kids, like playing dodgeball on a bicycle.

Things to do in Hoi An

The main section of Hoi An is closed off to cars and motorbikes, making it much more pleasant for walking around. Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s best destinations for dining. This is the perfect place to grab a seat at an outdoor cafe, have a drink, and watch the sunset over this historic city.

We ate in Hoi An three of four nights while staying here and most restaurants sell a mix of Vietnamese food and western/European food. One of Hoi An’s more famous dishes is Cao Lau, a bowl filled with thick rice noodles, pork, and local greens. The dish is seasoned with fresh lime juice and red chili peppers and tastes delicious!

In Hoi An, there is a law stating that every shop must hang lanterns from their facade. As the sun sets, the lanterns turn on, lighting up the town in the warm glow of yellow, red, and green light.

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